Flying Lessons for residents in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo and more

If you’re looking for flying lessons and reside in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Oxnard, or any other city within Ventura County, the Ventura County Flight Training Center has the perfect location for your flight training.

Located at the Oxnard Airport, the VCFTC is a short drive from anywhere within the County. Plus, with low traffic volume at the Airport, you’ll spend less time waiting around and more time taking off and landing per training.

Watch the video below to see what the Ventura County Flight Training Center is all about. Schedule your introductory flight training session to get started on your own flying lessons today.

The VCFTC at Oxnard Airport proudly serves people who live and work in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, and other communities throughout Ventura County.


Learn How to Fly with CAU

If you’re ready to learn how to fly, the professional flight instructors at California Aeronautical University are ready to make you a pilot.

The Ventura County Flight Training Center is powered by CAU.

Qualified university instructors from CAU provide flight training at Oxnard Airport through the VCFTC. Plus, as a part of the University, the student pilots at the VCFTC can benefit from the structure of a Part 141 education program with the flexibility of a Part 61 flight school.

Learn how to fly at the Ventura County Flight Training Center at Oxnard Airport. For more information, contact us today and schedule an introductory flight training session.

About CAU

From the University’s main campus located at Bakersfield International Airport, CAU offers a bachelor’s degree professional pilot program, along with programs in aircraft maintenance, dispatch and aviation business.

Students live, eat and breathe aviation at CAU. Some of the campus features include:

  • 39,000 square foot flight center
  • 32 shaded hangar ports
  • Spacious 32,000 square foot hangar
  • 168-room on-site student housing
  • Recreation center with pool, gym and athletic courts
  • On-site dining

CAU students also benefit from the University’s airline partnerships, which can offer graduates a pathway to employment.

California Aeronautical University holds FAA Part 141 approval.

Visit the California Aeronautical University website for more information on the University’s flight degrees and other aeronautical programs.


Why do you want to learn to fly?

Our student pilots learn to fly for a number of reasons.

Some are fulfilling a lifelong dream. Others are looking for a convenient way to travel for work. Still others are going the distance and starting careers as professional pilots.

Depending on why you want to learn to fly and what your aviation goals are, there are a few different routes you can take.

AOPA, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, shares useful information on the options available for those who want to learn to fly. AOPA is a great resource for current pilots and for those just starting out in the aviation industry.

*From the AOPA website

So, why do you want to learn to fly?

If you have questions about getting started, we’re happy to help you create a pathway to reaching your aviation goals. Contact us today and schedule an introductory flight training session.

Flight Instruction on Cessna 172

Students of VCFTC’s flight instruction at Oxnard Airport in Ventura County are trained on one of the industry’s leading training aircraft, the Cessna 172.

A four-seat, 180-horsepower Cessna Skyhawk powered by the Garmin G1000 avionics suite, this aircraft provides the ideal environment for your flight instruction and training.

Learn more about our aircraft by viewing this Plane Talk video from California Aeronautical University.

Interested in expanding your horizons with flight instruction? Schedule your introductory flight training session at the Ventura County Flight Training Center today.

Take flying lessons here in Oxnard, California

Ready to navigate the skies? Take flying lessons here in Oxnard, California.

Whether you’re looking for a fun challenge, an easier way to travel for business or a new career, we can help you develop your skills to become a pilot.

Flying lessons at the Ventura County Flight Training Center are led by personable instructors from California Aeronautical University who are excited to share in the love of flying with you.

Lessons include:

  • Ground school instruction
  • Flight training
  • FAA Flight Training textbook

All flying lessons are conducted on our fleet of training aircraft, including newer Cessna 172s, at the Oxnard Airport.

Sign up for an introductory flight training session and learn more about our flying lessons.


Thinking about getting your pilot license?

So you’ve been thinking about flying. The first step in this exciting journey is getting your pilot license. Here’s some information to help you get started.

First off, what is a pilot’s license?

A pilot’s license, or a private pilot certificate, is one of the first steps in being certified to fly an aircraft. It’s for personal use only (not for pay), and it requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight training.

Where can I fly, and in what conditions?

Pilots with a private pilot license can fly in visual conditions, and can fly any distance.

How many passengers can I transport?

There are no restrictions on how many people you can fly in a single flight with a private pilot’s license. You’ll just have to make sure that the aircraft you’re flying can accommodate the number of passengers, and be able to calculate the weight balance of the aircraft.

What will I learn?

To earn a pilot license, you’ll need to learn the basic principles of flight, fundamental flight maneuvers, preflight / takeoff / landing procedures, weight and balance calculations, and other essential aviation skills.

Where can I earn my pilot’s license?

The Ventura County Flight Training Center (VCFTC) is a great local flight school at Oxnard Airport. You can earn your private pilot certificate (PPL) with professional, career-minded flight instructors from California Aeronautical University.

If this sounds like the thrill you’re looking for, schedule your introductory flight training session with VCFTC today.